The Pawn's Gambit

Day one. The Year is born, boom!

Fireworks gleam above shaded cities today.

Years back, fifteen, to be exact. Beat.

Mother's love? Pah! 2016 sends her away.

Feel unhindered. Free, they say.

Glee for escape, day two, hooray?

Adrift, sea of the freedom. Lost in pines.

Brownian lease on life, yet still a pawn.

Wake up, child. Even free, you allow recourse of dizzying currents.

Instinct as a fawn.

True liberty is lost. See the open minded awake, and educate thyself.

End your cycle, break the ring.

In 2016, days have changed, friends made, promises broken.

In 2016, this pawn grew wings.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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