Life With Music


Growing up- Broken- Beaten
Acting like nothings wrong
Can't you see I'm crying- hurting?
Acting out just to see your long
face staring back at me.
See that look in your eyes
How much you wish that
it were someone else
Someone else to take these kids.

Kids. Ha! Legos- barbies- games
That's what kids do
Not drugs- drinking- fighting
Don't you see what you put me through? 
Parents dead. My brother- mother
How dare you act so hurt?
Just go. Nobody wants you here.
Murding scum on my hearth. 

Uncle, please, what about us? 
Blood is thicker than water, right? 
That's what you raised us with. 
Blood doesn't mean shit 
When your family is red.
Red with the blood
that trickles down their faces. 
Blood tears of disapproval. 
I'll never be good enough for them,
even with the tourtured faces of death.

Seperation from your brother.
A pain that surpasses any other. 
A new mother to feed and love me.
Hope is dim, but there.

High school begins in the sunny state
Band takes over with a promise.
Clean slate- No drugs- Kept Promises
Music saves my dying soul.
Like no human ever could.
It speaks to me as if it knows everything
How life torn me and and tossed me around like a rag doll.
Music knew. 
Music knew how I tried to save my Grama and she didn't listen.
Music knew.
Music cared for me.
Sleeping in a corner making no noise trying not to get beat.
Music knew. 
Music loved me when no one else would or could. 
Music knew.
Music supported me when I was kicked out of my foster home. 
Music knew. 
Music carried me to a family that took me in and enveloped me with care and love and support.
Music knew.
Music brought me to college to meet my fraternity to keep music alive forever. 
Music knows. 
Music healed me and I will keep my promise to be true to music even after my death 
Because music saved me from the darkness. 
From the silence. 
From the terrors that awaited at home. 
From the abuse. 
From the pain. 

Music can't bring back the dead,
But music can keep the memories alive. 
Let me surround you with music
As music encompasses me. 



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