For Those Who've Been Hurt: Wounded Bird

Misused, abused and left sitting confused

Disrespected & rejected

Never felt so hated

What did I do to deserve this anger

My other half has suddenly become a distant stranger.


No resolving, no amends, no signed agreements to comprehend this.

My sanity is loss, like a balloon with no air

Once a blissful afternoon has turned into a dark nightmare

Hoping to wake up to the person I once knew

Stitches on my head that represent the many times I fell for you

My list could go on of the times you let me down

but what's the point of saying this only to be called a silly clown

I must find my strength which is buried somewhere deep into a pit of lies to get up and leave

before I hear the echoes of my lonely cries


You may spit your words of hate, or punch me to my fate

My determination will not yield for I am a wounded bird who has healed.

My wings are stretched wide with a pride that will not die

A light no longer dimmed, & a heart no longer grim

Words that I speak will be heard across the land

& you will evaporate like water in hot sand

No balled up fist or affront could ever break me again

Cause now I am free from the hate you gave me


Wake up, open your eyes

You’re breathing, you’re alive,

The pain of yesterday has faded with the moon

A brighter day, yes, will be here very soon

Trouble don’t last always

So don’t count the bad days

What are you crying for

Spread your wings and soar

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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