Worry of Suburbia

They call it the land of Suburbia,

Where I can live the rest of my days without worry.


There is no 



No thought of



No one thinks,

Because "We have people for that".


As others walk by the perfectly lined stores,


in hand



in pocket


I worry.


I worry

Because there is something to worry about


I worry

another child will be beaten

because those bruises didn't just appear.


I worry

That because of my skin, I have gained "privileged"

as my last name


I worry

another person will be taken advantage of

Because of their gender.


I worry

about the biggest and the smallest things


I worry

if we don't have devices to tell us how to think

or burgers to increase our waistlines

We would panic

Because we would finally be able to think.


And I worry

I am becoming like them.


This poem is about: 
My country


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