Odessa, 25

Odessa stumbled in
Bruised, bleeding, broken
"Honey, what happened?"
"Just some tea, please."
Hijab around her neck like a noose
Ripped silk and torn skin.

She sank into a chair in the corner of the cafe
Owner wouldn't mind, she did this all the time.
Curled up in her baggy jacket
Crying into her tea
*Allah, why'd he do this to me?*

He'd been so sweet, once upon a dream.
Bought her roses, his eyes bright green.
First time was an accident,
Second time she cried,
Third she was afraid to leave
Took her phone and killed her dreams.

"Sweetie, read a book.
It might replace everything he took."
She picked it up, it made her cry
"I was his, he wasn't mine."
She read the stanza over again
It sounded just like when her abuses began
"Slapped me once, he slapped me twice"
Just like her boyfriend, he's not very nice.

The tears don't stop, the pages end
She thinks, just maybe, she's found a friend.
The tea cup is empty, and she gathers her strength
To start on a path without any restraint
The book's in her jacket, stealing's not her forte
*Allah, please bless Miss Shayne Gagne.*

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