No one

Not even the rain

Can quite feel my pain

As I call out your name

And its a shame

That you left me in vain

While I crawled on the floor leaving a small blood stain

And all I saw was your absence of this place.. Like Stevie wonders no pun intended but eye still see you like Michael Jackson seeing white on his face. You're not never going away. Like that blood stain I see in the carpet that I swear I got rid of yesterday. I think I'm in denial. Because lately the only thing getting me through life is pretending that you love me because I'm your child. The thought of you is like hugging a cactus in the middle of a hurricane. I can hold on to hopes of you or let you go but either way I'll still feel pain. Although the cactus or maybe even the hurricane would feel better than your blows on my face. Or the reality that I taste as I now understand that it wasn't my fault. But it was the alcohol' and the drugs. The bipolar disorder that made you deny my hugs. I let go of the cactus. But the thorns remain and its going to take a while before I get them all out, give up on you, and use my brain. But right now it's a start to give in to the hurricane. Drowning in my tears.. Then I see that blood stain.

This poem is about: 
My family


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