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Horrible Fate

By: Hayley Holzhacker

Such a good horse

jumping around the course

It's a rainy day

with a lot gray

the grass is muddy

and very cruddy

but the horse still made it through

years later sold, donated, and traded

my happy days were done

as the wind blew

loaded on the truck

it appears dark

no longer in the park

oh my bleeding heart

the truck stopped at the final road

with the final load

and made its way

down the ramp

lined up one by one

their days are done.

People are mean

they don’t care about being fair

even if she’s a mare

horses deserve more

rather than just being a chore

Changing the fate

without using hate

Achieve your goal

while letting your horse roll

getting muddy and cantering in the field

The horse’s heart will be healed

with some love and affection

they’ll make it to perfection

Gaining some weight

and veterinary care is up to date

I believe that all horses should be treated fair

and with care.


Change your mind and you will see

how sweet a rescue horse can be!

Come on,

WHY would you mistreat a beautiful horse

I mean,

A living breathing animal with a gentle heart

Hurting a horse with force

can make the animal head shy and distrusting

After hurting a horse you will feel remorse

Seriously WHY?

What did this special, magnificent creature ever do to you?

Maybe the horse picked up the wrong hoof

or did something you thought was wrong

But maybe the horse is sick of being treated poorly

That is why watch out for the hoof

One day you will have a bruise

and be sure not to confuse

why and how you got the bruise

from mistreating the horse,

of course.

This is so upsetting.

I think we shouldn't be forgetting

that this horse is living breathing creature

with beautiful features.

Horses can't speak or tell people in words when they're in pain.

In actions, we should be kind to the animal and help them regain

all their confidence in human nature.

It's not fair to pull each other's hair,

so HOW can it be okay

to abuse a beautiful horse one day?



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