You Fooled Me Once

you fooled me once,

charming and true,

every inch of my heart

was devoted to you.


your breath was like the wind

whistling over the pines.

your palms felt like home,

when they were pressed against mine.


your arms were the shelter,

your eyes were the storm,

your smile was the disease

that there was no cure for.


you were the dreamy prince charming

from a fairytale book.

but your facade soon crumbled,

once I took a good look.


you said that you loved me;

we were destined to be,

until I failed all of your tests,

then the blame was on me.


manipulation was your overplayed song.

you were always right,

and I was always wrong.


my soul did not belong to me.

I was locked inside you cage.

I earned your affection

through submission and change.


you said you would love me

from beginning to end.

darling, you fooled me once,

but never again.


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