I dreamt that I was witnessing a war

Not in full action

But of its ancient history


Looking at the artifacts of someone else's life

Wondering who'd they'd been

Where they'd walked

Who they'd loved


I plunged deeper in to the ocean-

I don't remember ever entering the vessel-

And savored at the beauty of what could be

Near Death


I was terrified

 but witnessed

Someone else's nightmare

Their life





I closed my eyes- I was physically unable to open them

I looked to the right


My lids heavy as the lead

That these people sunk in


The vessel

A representation of my own life

I could not move

I could not be brought to the surface

For now, I could only sway

With the tides


And pray

That I don't sink.



This poem has been accepted into the MUSE Magazine. I am honored to be featured in an anthology from authors around the globe. 

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