We Matter

I am here to represent all those who have died in the battle for a right to have their silenced screams heard, the silenced screams you will never hear because society does not want you to.

Screams that say “Run away fast! Get out while you can!” and society? Society tells us a cross between “You’re so brave.” and “You will NEVER see God’s face.” and though their words no longer affect me I can’t help but think “Who could ever love me?”

The abuse? Silencing because there is no WAY that SHE could have RAPED ME.

Afraid and ashamed because there is no one to believe that my bruises are from another woman, the woman who claimed to have loved me.

Sure she would defend me publicly, like that woman dragging five kids on leashes down the streets calling us dykes because she couldn’t have the proper decency to even ask us our names, a woman who we had never met, and so my lover went to war with her and she came out victorious, but when we got home.


Not home.

Because home is not a home if it’s covered in blood and tears.

And as for my fears? They do not matter, because a faggot cannot beat another faggot.

And abuse? That is for men do to women.

We will be dead and are rotting in our graves, suffocated by the society that damned us before us faggots matter.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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