My Dear Mentor

My mentor, my dear mentor,
How terrible you have been to me,
And yet I must thank you.

Without you, I wouldn't have moved to twelve different schools.
Without you, I never would've challenged myself.
Without you, I never would've met the love of my life, competed amung the nation's best, or graduated from one of the most academically inclined schools in the country.

But also, without you, I never would have experienced the pain of saying goodbye to each and everyone of my friends everytime I had to move.
Without you, my parent's wouldn't have become abusive alcoholics and put themselves into poverty.
Without you, my parent's wouldn't have gotten divorced, I wouldn't have moved out right before AP exams, I wouldn't be a thousand miles away from my brothers, and I would've been able to afford to go to college.

But I thank you, my dear, dear mentor,
Because I know that I have become strong.
I have become the person that I wished to become as a child.
I am who I am not because of a person, not because anybody forced me to, not because I wanted to, but because I needed to become strong in order to face all the challenges of life.
Thank you.

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My family
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