Wishes Aren't Just For The Birds

Broken child

Save her from his grasp

She's been here for a while

She's growing up too fast

Right before our eyes

We see her cowering in fear

Keeping her distance

Not daring to come near

She hides to bruises

With lies over tears

Her hope has been shut down

Over the years


She runs away in the middle of the night

Searching for the that she longs for

She tries to hide inside her mind

Until he comes banging on the door

The blankets cover her face

She pretends she's not awake

But he knows much better

She loses the game

She wakes up bruised

She feels so used

She knows that she has nothing to lose


Broken child

Save her from his grasp

He has a hold of her courage

But she knows that this won't last

Tonight when he is passed out

And her mother is out

The door to her cage is unlocked

She's free to finally step out of the house

But only in her thoughts


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