Probably the cutest damn thing that you never thought could actually happen

The longest journey

Is finding joy.

And it's hard to find

In one certain boy.

To use a cliche,

He's been through hell,

And things aren't going

To turn out well.

Everything is a trigger,

And no one cares.

All they do is snicker,

Laugh, mock, and stare.


The toughest journey

Is becoming a pearl.

And it's hard to do

For one certain girl.

Everything is gray,

Lukewarm, bleak;

Everywhere she goes

She feels like a freak.

Nothing can help her,

And no one cares.

Her heart just won't stir

Beneath the burden she bears.


The shortest journey

Is using an app.

But it takes a while

To filter out crap;

To sort all the singles,

As yes, no, or so-so.

No one there listens,

They just wanna blow.

But with two easy swipes,

The girl and the boy

Start to type type type,

Hoping for joy.


The strangest journey

Is the one to love.

They had seen it before,

Well... sort of.

The boy had baggage,

He had seen abuse.

Mistreatment was cruel,

His nightmares set loose.

The girl had seen love,

But never purely returned.

Now neither of the two

Desired to be burned.


The sweetest journey

Is growing together.

Though pasts were cruel,

They'll now endure any weather.

Through all the emotions,

The ups and the downs,

Strength was developed

With smiles and frowns.

Now the depressed bisexual

And victim of PTSD,

Have become quite incredible,

And most importantly, free.


The longest journey

Is finding joy.

It was so hard to find

For a girl and a boy.

Who would have thought

This fire's first cinder

Was only possible

...Because of Tinder.

As impossible as it's been,

Thank the gods

That through thick and thin,

We beat the odds!

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