Couldn't anyone hear me? 
Muffled screams, 
Salty tears, 
Bruised thighs and wrists 

My innocence is forever your captive 
Forcefully taken from an unwilling victim. 


Fearfully, I try to erase the memories 
Which burn the image in my skull 
I try, but I can't get the dirt to wash away 

Do you remember my face? 
As I begged you to stop, 
Clawing at the locked car door.. 

Your hand wrapped around my neck 
Penetrating me, forcing your way in 

I thought you cared 

Did you have fun telling your friends? 
You bragged enough, about the young girl 
With the tongue ring 
Who wouldn't say a word 

Do my words reach you? 
In your delusional brain 

The memory won't leave 
Dropping me on the side of the road 
Leaving me, 

Not all scars are physical 
Every time I was touched, 
Your face appeared 
Haunting me, implanting fear 

You stole my innocence 
But I'm taking my pride back. 


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