sometimes I see just a girl

A little speck inside the world.

At times I look upon myself, and feel as though I'm odd and rough

Though, Imperfect I am, I know who, for all, has enough.

No need to fear or tremble now

My Savior I have found

If I but follow Him, He'll save me from this sound.

The sound of sorrow and slippery inadequance

I feel golden light, blue skies that fill my sense

With Him I am strong and beautiful;

This light shines inward, out

My bosom bursting, the joy a trumpet shouts.

No longer do I idley roam

I have finally found my home.

I am beautiful and full of light

others watchful of the sight.

I am a daughter of God, and I love Him so;

Through Him, not alone my flaws shall finally go.






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