Forced 'love'

Here I am with him,
Cringing in his arms. 
I lived a life of love lacking,
He knows that. 
He wants to show me love to make up for what I missed,
I agreed to be loved but I didn't agree to this.
Here I am with him,
My gut wrenches when he asks me for a kiss. 
I say no, 
But I know it's not an answer that he'll accept.
I glue my lips together as he moves in,
Trying to move away but he just won't quit.
I feel his tongue like a like a slimy spear that is trying to penetrate my lips.
Everything inside me is screaming but I just endure the torture.
Eventually I break free, 
I can't help but wipe away his saliva from my lips in disgust.
He thinks I feel his love but I just leave feeling lost. 
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