Wiser than Black and White

Sat, 07/20/2013 - 00:00 -- rauchb2

We are but black and white
The letters that we write.
The colors leeching from our pens
destroy worlds and breathe sins.

What would your master say now?
The women we have become by our vow.
Hatred that boils in the blood of the forgotten.
Are you afraid of what might here be begotten?

No I am not smitten with my brothers.
I do not have a care for them only my mothers.
To teach the world of our pain
will leave nothing to be desired and all to gain.

On the day of the sun that arises its moon
will the rose petals blossom and bloom.
My sisters join me in hope for a better tomorrow
and wish an end to this bitter sorrow.

Like I have related black and white are we
nothing more but women until you set us free.
Bind us, Hold us, Punish us will you?
Yet we wait, you will receive what you are due.


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