Mon, 09/30/2013 - 16:45 -- Auzzzy


Expected to be prepared in every class, "it is key to pass," say all the teachers to the mass, I have one question to ask, how can you expect us to be prepared with every task, when you forget to write it upon the board where it will bask, under the sun fhining through the curtains at last, becoming angry with us, with no clue of what was asked of all of us, be done it must, even if not written upon my board, where all things due will be written in blue, "But this was not written 'till today before class, how were we supposed to get done what wasn't asked?" And under the teacher's mask, the emotion of fluster is flashed, "Check the website, where all things to be done are in white," yet many assignments never brought up are written clear and bright, wrong once again, still the teacher fails to attend to her fault, never taken back to be mend, teachers do not understand what will bring the ship of success to land, kids must be led in the right direction like a marching band, and the leader must know how to turn around the bend, be prepared like the young ones are expected to, and begin to see the greatness we are all capable to do.



My favorite part about writing this poem was the ability to express myself. I am unable to say this to any teachers, as they all seem to brush it off, or open another subject to stray away from the fact that they are wrong. This to me, is very unprofessional and deserves attention in every school.

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