what is it like?

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 01:37 -- Baceves


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What is it like,
being pretty, feeling special?
what is it like to have someone who would go all ends of the world for you?
what is it like to sleep every night?
what is it like, to be able to love yourself and not despise
every thought and dream and possibility
what is it like to be a woman of such beauty, and creativity?
what is it like, to not want to die?
What is it like being so perfect?
Seeing now through screams of pain, and sobs of heartache..
you knew nothing of what it was like.
you knew pain, and felt that loneliness everynight.
insomnia was your bestfriend, and love was only an addition to it.
everyone asked 'what it was like' and you curiously wondered 'why?'
you felt through the ice of whiskey, and slipped with pills at your lips.
and we still wonder what was it like.


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