Favorite Girl

Her favorite numbers are 9-1-1
Her favorite words are,"NO,STOP...please"
Her favorite position:begging on her knees

His favorite numbers are 2-5-1-8
which happens to be her alarm code
His favorite words are,"shh..we wouldn't want the neighbors to
hear us....now would we?"
His favorite position:Watching her get in hers....

He tells her,"I will love you forever!"
She struggles from his grasp
Barely screaming never

but after nine months of pain
Here comes a baby
That he wont let her name

He names her Angel
says she's beautiful
just like her mother...

at the age of five
the mother gets ill...
suddenly dies

He treats the girl like a Queen
and at the age of nine
She's loses her innocence to Daddy-King

He destroyed her world
and after all of that he has the audacity
to say,
"Sweetheart,your my Favorite Girl..."


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