Land of the bigot, Home of the guilty victim

the united statesin a separated stateMinorities vs Majorities brother vs brother separated like oil and vinegar because Liberty and Justice For All only quailifies when your Caucasian father and motherpull 100K a yearno justice for the black boy walking down the street unarmedweilding a pack of skittles as his only defenseHe could've been dangerous. There is no liberty when her skirt was too shortNeck line was too lowHeels were too high Had too much to drinkStumbling home slurring noShe asked for it. We all asked for it whenWe weren't born a white maleDidn't have a trust fund set up back home Didn't have the odds always in our favor But what ifThey were? What if there was no minority No majority The pledge was a truth What if Treyvon never needed that justice?What if Brock Turner's victim was never victimized, then criticized?What if we were all seen as equals In the eyes of society Skin color didn't define statusMoney didn't give powerClothing wasn't perceived as permission or indication Of character What if we lived In the land of the free And the home of the brave? 

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My community
My country


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