Four Women.. Inspired, Continued, and Adapted by Nina Simone

My arms are long, 
My hair is wooly, no
I am not worried because, 
Who will ever see?
You know my back is strong and, 
Just as sturdy as it can be.. after
Getting beat and beaten daily, from
someone named,
Master Peter Geets
My soul is cold and as old as you wouldn't know, 
But the children all love me.. they say
Ma-aa-aa, mi.
You know they never see the side, 
Or the strength we have inside..
To know that, this is not over but only thee,
Beginning of our ride.
We fight day and night to see sunlight, 
No I'm not talking 6am but every dream within, 
That they told us would ne-e-ver be,
Because our souls are cold and our backs were beat.         But I'll have them know that no ma-aa-at-ter what, we're never ever weak. 
Because our skin has been dark,
And our teeth have been white
And our ha-a-ir, wooly
And our dreams at night
Yes they live on, and on
Inside of you and me so that one day
Someone will see that our
Hair is wooly and our arms are long because, 
Our ancestors were made big and strong.
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