I Need You


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My best friend's name is Dorothy, we are happy as can be
Elementary school is fun, and pretty easy!
We play games, like tag and pretend too!
We'll be best friends forever
because i need you

Middle school is strange, people act weird!
lucky for me, Dorothy is here!
But lately she has been different, sad and kind of blue
Cheer up Dorothy!
because i need you

Dorothy cries alot, and i ask her why
but she tells me its none of my business when i see her cry
i'm getting pretty worried, i dont know what to do
stay stong, Dorothy,
because i need you

High school is here, its all really new
and thank goodness! Dorothy is here too!
But she has changed alot,
i see it on her arms
little red lines
self-inflicted scars
she is always angry
she tells me to eff off
im really scared, this isnt like her at all!

i dont know what has happened
to my best friend
i guess or friendship
has come to an end
she hangs out with guys now
and she smokes too
be carful Dorothy
i still need you

I saw it on the news today
i couldnt even comprehend
it turns out our friendship
wasnt all that had an end
she took her own life with a bottle of pills
doctors say that she was very ill
she wanted to do it for awhile, but she was to scared
i wish i had seen it, and been more prepared
I should have known by the change in her eyes
but i really wish i could have told her goodbye

now that Dorothy is gone
i dont know what to do
Dorothy why did you leave?
i really needed yo

to those who are sad, and feeling kind of down
do me a favor and to turn around that frown
there are people that love you, as hard as it may to believe
they would be very sad if you wanted to leave
stay strong and be happy
even if you feel crappy

there are people that would care
if you werent there
this i say is true
because there are people
that really need you

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I apologize, this poem has a lot of typos. But I put a lot of thought into it so I hope you like it!


I think the typos give it some character, especially since its about the progression of time particularly in school


Wow this poem is amazing. Read my poems because I would love some feedback

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