stone monument cries

whether it be the weather , or too much alcohol somewhere inside the stone monument , erosion clapped its hands and its job was completeweathering down a great stone monument from the inside out when they told me stories of great monoliths and structures my ancestors built with hand and blood and the same stone his father's headstone was made out of they never remembered to mention that inside every great man with hard hands was rock and as monumental as he was , the great stone monument had no change of surviving the stormthe harsh weather the college debt and unresolved questionsthe crumbling marriage and loss of control over himself so he tried to control everyone around him , he beat respect into the ground he walked on with every step but he never thought that so much disruption would make the dirt fly from underneath him stone monument had finally become victim to time stone monument drank and drank the rain and lightning every night to feel something or to forget stone monument had one too many tonight stone monument threw his anger and sadness on his three most beloveds , the sun , the flowers and the vines stone monument can't stop ripping and pushing and pulling and hitting stone monument can't control himself anymore he sits after the storm and feels  the suffocating humidity of silence and finally stone monument cries 

This poem is about: 
My family


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