The Truth

I'm not ready to forgive you.I can't forget what you did to me.When you told me no one would believe me, that it was your word against mine.  Whenever someone asked me "Are you okay?" or "How are you?" I always replied with "I'm fine",I wasn't fine, I wasn't okay.I needed someone to talk to,someone that would just hug me and tell me that it'd be okay.That the storm clouds would leave and the sun would come back,And my world would be colored again, and stay bright forever.  When my fears of speaking out for help would disappear.When I wouldn't have to see you ever again.When the fear of you would go away,Far away and never come back.  But guess what.When I spoke up they believed me.It was my word against yours,But you didn't tell the truth.You didn't want to suffer the consequences of what you did.But it doesn't matter anymore,Because everyone believed me and not you.  It feels good to be out of the silence. 

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hey, i just wanted to know you are loved alyssa. you will always have

your twins :)

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