A is for Alone, B for Brokenhearted

She didn't deserve to hurt 

She didn't deserve all the pain she felt from 

Friends, Family, Teachers

She didn't deserve to be tormented and ostricized 

Because of some scars on her arms 

I tried to help, to encourage, to cheer her on

"I love you, I've loved you for so long" 


"I would give you the world if I could"


"I would do anything to lessen your pain"

"If you love me, then hurt as I do

If you love me, then use my razor when you come over"

I couldn't

"I thought you loved me"

I wanted to help, but I didn't want to hurt 

I wanted to help, but she wanted me to suffer beside her 

I wanted to help, but I was blamed for every issue 

"You are selfish, you always have been"

Maybe I was and that's why I was demoted to a backup plam

"I'm busy" "I'm going out with Melanie" 

And then a week later 

"God, Melanie is rude - I don't deserve this."

She didn't 

"I've missed you! We haven't spoken in a while"

We hadn't 

"You've been distant, hanging out with Melanie." 

"What? Why are you getting so upset? I thought you loved me"

I did

I do

I sat there, hooked on a line 

Hoping she'd reel me in closer to her,

But I stayed out at sea

Distant, Alone, Growing more numb 

"You've always been such a selfish bitch"

"You've only ever thought of yourself, while saying you loved me"

"How could you say we can't be friends anymore?"

I hadn't said that 

She hadn't said she loved me in months 

She left me

I was alone 


She doesn't deserve to be hurt 

She doesn't deserve to be strung along by her friends and boys 

She doesn't deserve the emotional torment they were all putting her through 

She doesn't deserve to be pressured and manipulated into doing things she didn't like

But after all this time, 

The time it's taken to heal, and to learn how to love again, I know 

I don't deserve that either 

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