You Are Precious


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Such a small word with a lot of meaning
An eclectic beauty or nightmare
It depends on how your visionaries see it

Some people say what’s the point?
To be tortured by the good and bad things that are thrown at you?
The world is such a messed up place

With peoples loved ones lost at war
And left behind with nothing more
Young people being abused
And women being beaten by the men
They think that Love them

I close my eyes
And wish that the world would just stop
With all this nonsense

Like a bouy
When we are born we are casted into the sea of LIFE
We sway and rock
To the rhythm of LIFES waves

Do I have LIFE figured out?
Hell no I do not
From tikes, some were told
LIFE was to be paradise

And a fruit
Is what deprived us from it
Now bad to the good and good to the bad
We are left confused

Right or Left
Up or Down
Will I end
Hot or Cold

Black lines are normal
Red lines are not
Don’t let your eyes
Flow over me

Each red dash on my timeline
Only creates me huskier
Einstein in the cranium
But my brain still tainted
It’s okay I’m still livin’ in this millennium

These brown eye record
In my memory they are stored
Fire red rolling down my body
Behind closed doors
Neva told nobody

Outside was a smile and laughter
But wilting roses and thorns
Were within

I was
Numb to my emotions
Got used to all the commotion
They were stuffed away
Like a messy closet

But hey
That’s just a bit of my LIFE
LIFE is about lessons
One, I have learned to turn
The negative into a positive

You see in my mess I used to sit
And put on my mask
It was annoying
It was like gum on your shoe
That you can’t set free

Light then shined through my window
You have to change
I listened
And stepped with my right foot

I’m in a better place now
It was not easy
But such is LIFE
I say
“And now I do what’s best for me.”

Sometime God lets you hit rock bottom
So that you will discover that
He is the rock at the bottom

He gave me dance
It is my saving grace
And grateful I am

Always know that
You are loved and
You are precious little one

Such a small word with a lot of meaning
An eclectic beauty or nightmare
It depends on how your visionaries see it

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