You asked me to be honest

So I told you I was fine

Because I know

That's what you wanted to hear


Time has moved forward since then

I no longer fear your hands

Even if they never

Leave me alone


I am slowly moving on

From the bruises that littered my skin

To only freckles

And scars

And the occasional acne spot


Yet I cannot ignore

The ghosts of your hands

Left behind on my body

That will never fully disappear



I know I will be just fine without you


But maybe

Maybe I would be better

If I could leave behind the promises

You made me


All it takes is a couple fingers

And I will become free

Of the weight that you left

In my stomach


One, two, three

You laugh

And you watch

As the water drains

And with it goes everything

You said to me

That I could never hope to believe


Everytime I purge,

I purge to rid myself

Of you


I rid myself of your words

And the pain you left


So although the scars

That decorate my skin

Will never fade,


At least my stomach

Is empty

Of you.

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