Stuck In Darkness


United States
32° 24' 16.002" N, 110° 59' 11.1444" W

This shadow covers me
It's so dark
They walk about
I can't give up

I'm deep in pain
Screaming for help
They are looking
They don't care

I am an animal
I AM their joy
But I need help

I'm held captive in this place called home
There is no place for me to roam
Stuck inside, no place to go
Cause my owners hate me so

If I could, I would escape
Go and run to my happy place
Where I am to be me
But not here

There's no happiness that exists
Only pain I must resist
Places of my dream crash down
Cause my owner walks in with a frown

Oh what pain
and no delight
that now changed
and we are right

They are us and us are they
For now we are up
And all is well
Untill Revenge breaks down

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I had another poem I wrote when I was younger about Child Abuse and I was stuck on which one to put. However, I am posting the other one for the fun of it. I truly love writing poetry and I wish my poems hit your heart as it hit my friend's.

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