Not All Fights Are Fair

Mon, 02/25/2019 - 00:37 -- awatr

I watched as my entire soul crossed a threshold.

Time slowed and I saw his face.

It was him.

They said I’d never see him again,

The one who took away what little childish innocence I had left,

Who spent his waking hours tormenting me with calls, emails, texts, and visits at work.

My chest was consumed in flames and my lungs heaved.


After all this time, I could recall every gruesome detail of that night.

After years, he still haunts me.

Even in broad daylight, I still feel his hands around my neck.

I see all the bruises again and I flinch at slight movements.


I collapse on the pavement.

His eyes pierce my soul and I am helpless all over again.

I can’t move and his hands force me to my knees all over again.

Tears stream down my face and I submit


Not all fights are fair; there will always be a loser.


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