Fuel It Again


He screamed with clawing lungs  As I sat silently in the small corner,  My bottom lip trembling uncontrollably.     His minuscule mind left  No remaining room for  Comprehension of  Other's emotions, expressions.  The depriving spoken words  Pierced me like  Needles stabbing every pore and then Dragging meticulously down through ruined flesh.     My whole body shook;  I gasped between aching tears for  Oxygen.     Oxygen only adds fuel to flames.     I search like a lost child Desperate to find its mother, only  I desire a knife.     Let controlled physical pain Erase my hopelessness;  Let stunning living blood  Comfort my tense essence.     Exhilarated, I seize control  Over my chaotic life Once again.  Satisfied, I regain power  Over illiterate feelings Once again.     I reign superior  Over the pain he caused--  Until The cycle repeats Again.   


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