Head shot

Thu, 06/26/2014 - 16:31 -- Raycizm

pour up (drank)

headshot (drank)

sit down (drank)

stand up (drank)

pass out (drank)

wake up (drank)

we faded (drank)

you faded (drank)


this college life is new still

friends living their lives inside of bottles

and cups of red complexion,

jungle juice i think they call it at night

but these lions tigers bears are all plush,

all stuffed, oh my

what’s enough when everyone wants to go clubbing

and it starts with dances and ends with ambulances

prancing around bodies that used to live

and be alive at the party

but now i can barely recog-g-nize you,


well at least they don’t have to drive

or crash

the throw up is finally drying on their pants

you know what, you’ll be okay, easy

everyone gets messed up, or passes out

or can’t walk, nigga, i seen it on tv

i must, i mean, i mean

believe me, i get it,

just keep sipping

what do you mean you’re good homie

you think you’re different

or better than me?

i’ve only seen you with like 2 or 3 shots

let me show you how to take it up a notch

forget a swimming pool

i’ll take you to an ocean of liquor

go dive in it

were we made in a whirlpool of lost lives?

this cycle a lot of us just try to hide from

but, i, for one, am tired of walking past

barely coherent people stripped of their spirits

by spirits, yo i can’t bear it man


we all seem to love kendrick lamar

and the song

but drink smart, that’s all



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