My Reason

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 09:07 -- fmoore


United States
42° 2' 15.3384" N, 97° 23' 41.5752" W

Sometimes it hurts to live,
To wake up and not have a reason to...
It hurts to move, to remember, to want.
That pain once constantly plagued my heart...
Until I realized there IS a reason.
A reason to wake up, to move on, to forgive,
You are my reason- my love.
When my heart aches with bitterness,
Your love conquers all hate.
When I cry because of the past,
You make me want a future.
When I feel forgotten,
I remember that you hold my heart.
When I feel I've no reason to live,
You hold me 'till all the pain
Dissolves into ash.
When I dream of my future,
I want you there-
NEED you there to love me,
And be the reason I make it that far.


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