In my heart

What's on my mind?

What about what's in my heart?

What makes it bleed and break,

cry out in despair,

what makes me try and want to rip out my hair.


What I think about when it gets dark,

and what I think about when the shadows part.


What about the orphans that are crying for help,

the ones that reach for an answer

and recieve no reply

The ones like my adopted siblings

who were destined to die?


What about the drunkards

that feel so lost

that turn to drugs

to forget what they lost?


What about the abused, the beaten down, the depressed, the poor?

What about the girl that is called a whore?

What about the ones who strayed from the path?

They used to be good,

but now people say they are not. 


These are the thoughts that I have in my day,

these are the people for which I pray.

I ask for their happiness, 

their rest,

their peace.

I ask for somebody to please, please

help them

someone with a heart

a soul

someone who cares enough

someone who can help them let it go.


That's what's in my heart

and what's in my mind,

that's where my brain is spending it's time.

I just want

and need

to help, help

help somebody.


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