The Love of View


United States
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You tell me I'm no good
With every word I say
Everything comes out lies, betrayal, and trust
including your own friends would say
those things
Have you seen the things I've done?
Have you been happy of
new things I've done?
Friends are there to heal
and care for you
A feeling you've never felt before
One I've found that I
can trust and relate
to, but you disagree

But don't you realize
the ones making the lies
are you?
Every hurt you done has made
me felt broken and torn apart
but made me feel stronger
and true

You never realize the good things I've done, all you cared about was doing
What you want to do, believing that
I also like them too

Every truth i say you make
them feel worse
You wish for this and that
a dream you've always wanted
But your dream never turned
to love, a love I've wanted to
feel since I became a teenager

Please don't treat me like this
Show me that you love me,
don't pretend anymore
You've already broke my heart
Never again,
will I feel the pain
for my own life, my own
flesh and blood, a little
one I'll have
in my arms
Never again.


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