the Bottom

Mon, 10/28/2013 - 08:58 -- jr11394


She stares at the bottle

Just one more sipThen I'll put it downThat was five years agoThat bottle is empty nowEvery last bit was consumed Each sip turned into a chugEach breathe held the stench of cheap liquorHer liver crying out, "you're killing me"Her daughter stood in the doorway each nightA little girl helping her mommy into bed, turned into a young adult, moving away from home and then a grown women disowning her mother"This alcohol is not my problem, you are"Said no one everExcept her delusional consciousThis right here,this makes all my pain fade awayThis sipIt'll get to me tomorrowThis sipIt'll make me forget about all the stressThat sipIt tore apart her family

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I just love how honest this poem is.

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