She's in love with an alcoholic,
I find it a little scary,
that people can go and gossip,
not knowing what she is feeling.
Abuse that she has to face,
his anger she have to taste.
Her life is a metaphor,
but to him, she remains a "whore."
I wish I could tell you more,
when her man is a carnivore!
who re-arranges her face
then people pretend they're blind.
He loves it when she is crying--
she hates it when he's in commit,
her love doesn't have a limit;
evil will keep on winning--
the humble won't do a thing.
I find this a bit ironic,
how someone can be romantic
but ends up hallucinating--
with hate and a bottle rum.
To him, he's just having fun.
But he is the guilty one,
who never appreciates
the little that she might do.
When the only mistake she made,
was loving an alcoholic.


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Our world


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