Pop Crash

Her life becomes a mess of

Red lipstick defenses

Red lipstick state of mind 

Look but don't see

Look but don't touch

Ignore the red blurring at the edges

The Red mixing with his black blue inventions


Bleeding Red 

Bleeding blue 

Bleeding black


Police lights flash


in her mind, she doesn't stop at the bottom 

she falls through the floor

Falls through 

the red and blue 



His edges are rough

Against hers

She was taking up too much space again

Should have hedged them in

To accommodate him

Perfect wife

Perfect person

Perfect life

Life times

Time spent hiding 


Making life corrections

So as to form protections

One mistake 

One mistake

She'll never make again

She says

Through the gauze she says

I love you 


I love you is a 

Bubble idealology

Pretty outside

Hollow inside

bubble existence

Pretty outside empty inside 


ocean wave mentality

Love being a sea I myself never swam in 

A sea I could smell on others and hear when I held their heart next to my ear

Echoing the back and forth of giving themselves to another human and returning back to themselves


Ocean wave mentality 

Wade in up to your knees

See all there is to see of me from a step stool

Could you ever love me?

Your liquor colored lenses 

Your shattered visions 

Words slurring red

Amber in your glass stirring


Slur fluorescent red

Bleeding out between your teeth

Pins and needles and broken speech

And apologies 

Soft and sweet and honey colored

Oozing from your lips

Trying to ease my swollen one

Trying to heal my busted one 

You say

I love you


She says I love you

And cries rivers and ribbons

When you do not acknowledge her persistence

Do not cave in to her insistence that she should claim importance

Over everything 

Rockslide existence

Started out so innocent

But crash

But now

All she has


Evaporated intentions and constant accusations

Existential mountain crisis him screaming into valleys for empty ears and travelers past

Nothing ever lasts,

Pop Crash

Constantly she asks

Do you love me?

Do you love me?

Do you love me?

Reducing him to

Fireside ashes 

His friends laugh while he shows

Smoke signal actions 

Trapped in an avalanche


Trapped in a kind of love he didn't even know existed

She holds his hand 

when she does he thinks

it used to feel like a seatbelt but now it's more like a noose

She empties his life

Her quicksand personality

Draining his life

Buried his friends buried his light

Emptied him

Pretty outside empty inside


I do this because I love you she says


He says 

You're worthless

Down to your bones 

Your bones




Stick thin


Thin enough to 


Pop poppa dad daddy

Father figure 

Never figured out the rules

Never used the proper tools to train her

Blames her when he's sad

Blames her when he's mad

Blames her when he's bored

She lives

Blissfully ignored until he decides she deserves the kind of love only he can give

In the form of broken skin

In the form of violence then

In the form of sticks and stones 

The metaphorical kind

She reminds herself

Reminds herself

That she did not ask for this life

Prays for a different one

A different one she asks

Pop crash


His walking is always boom crash

Boom crash

She asks 

Could you ever love me? 

He says I do

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