Because You Love Me

Because you love me,

you told me to stay

with your friends 

instead of going out with mine today.

Because I'm your everything,

you'll control me

tell me what I should think on

and who I should be.

Because you care for me,

you put me down

tell me I'm not a princess,

so you take off my crown.

Because you adore me,

you eliminate privacy

take all my passwords,

copy each of my keys.

Because she loves me,

a friend stops me today

looks me in the eyes,

tells me to get away.

But because I love you

I tell her I'm fine

nothing to worry about,

don't realize it's a lie.

Because you're concerned,

you push me around

yell at me, push me,

and let me fall down.

Because you're in control,

you put me in my place

lose your temper again

and leave a scar on my face.

Because you love me,

you apologize.

buy me candy and flowers

and feed me more lies.

But now I see clearly

and finally I know;

because I love you,

I'm letting you go.

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