The 1500 Hour Part 1

Forbear me- lest I remember

The 1500 hour

For those less than 16 it was the hour of R&R

For me it was the prelude to the dour


Oh minor me!  How you had to give your voice variation

Make your timbre sound less bright

Make it more in common

With Barry White


And your handwriting

Make sure to leave out your style

Be more like your Father's

Grimace inside all the while


May your gait be masculine

May your movements never float

May you leave the sashay to RuPaul's "Supermodel"

That's what he loathes


I'm sorry for your shoulders and chest

That bore your broken board's bruise

And one time it caught the webof your thumb

We remember the purple hue


I'm sorry for the beatings

You took on your underpants

Will Smith must've been talking about your parents

They just don't understand


Now that I started down the dark trail

Would you like to hear more?

I'm sure you'd like to hear

That I settled the score


Nay- not yet

But I will you see

By creating the life I wanted

Instead of destroying it recklessly


That will be my revenge

For the few times my poems were taken

So I would hide them in school

Hoping they'd be there when the new dawn awakened


That will be my revenge 

For the years my identity was made to be standardized

To accommodate for ignoranct asses

Who were unwilling to open their eyes


And so the 1500 hour now

Hasa meaning that is personal and deep

Years later

The memories and feelings have remained indelibly

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