Dear Mother, You aren't a Mother.

Dear Mother, 

Hello, I just wanted to say you aren't a mother. 

I mean a mother couldnt do what you did to me could she? 

You left me in the streets so you can get high. 

You think that whichever man in under your sheets and on you is better than I, your daughter flesh and blood.

You sell my young soul, my innocence, my body, for rocks made of white and chemicals in a baggie. 

You think you are my mother but a mother would never do what you did to me would she.

Maybe I am wrong for the first Seven years of my life I never had one.

All you gave to me was naked men and pills from a bottle.

All I ever heard was your moans of pleasure and my own cries of pain.

Or your words telling me twhat to say to that officer when you get caught empty promises of it being over.

The sounds of my body being abused while I watch idley by waiting for it to be over.

Those words and sounds and touches that still hurt my mind to this day. 

All you gave to me was a Hell I can't escape.

Where was the food and love I wanted? Wouldn't a mother give me that? 

Where was my mother, Mother?

Where were you? 

I was told at 16 that everything that could have happened to me did and that the proof is my damaged body and broken mind.


You say that I am Lying. 

You say you were a good mother. 

What is a mother to you, mother?

Having children doesn't make you a mother.

Loving them does. 

You, mother, are not a mother.

Love, Your daughter who forgave you.

This poem is about: 
My family


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