As they say, “From the Beginning,”
God made us a life worth living
Then we learned to lie and steal
Now this world is just too real                    
If you ask me, we need a change
People need to rearrange…
Their morals,
Their beliefs,
The way they speak,
So someday we can end in peace.
Abuse, debt, hatred of couples of the same sex,
Violence, racism, just to name a few,
It’s pretty sad that we have to choose.
We go to work to make ends meet,
Yet, thousands of people still end up on the street.
Homelessness is no laughing matter,
Just as abortion makes our hearts shatter.
There’s animal cruelty, kidnappings, and sex crimes
What this world needs is to forget the past times
America, “o’er the land of the free and home of the brave”
Yet we bite our tongues; Might as well refer to ourselves as government slaves.
Be different from the crowd and take a stand,
Speak for what you believe in,
This epidemic of bullying should become banned.
The people need to reunite, make a change…rearrange.
So that tomorrow is brighter, and our flag can fly higher
We can put out the fire; that stands between us all,
We need to believe in the words “that all men are created equal,”
So our future generation doesn’t write our sequel.
Change can be hard, but life will be harder,
If we continue this charade
And not choose to live a little smarter.


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