No Filter


Facebook, Twitter, the 'Gram

It's all make believe, like a fairytale

People will go to the 'Gram,

they'll learn my feed

they'll learn "me"

maybe they'll think I'm a modern day Cinderella

maybe I seem sweet and innocent and kind, 

I know what I'm doing,

and they know who I am

My life is exciting, going to balls and meeting princes,

but easily calm and happy,

singing with mice,

the cute kind though,

because cute animals get likes

If only they saw behind the snapshot moments, the pretty filters

Because there's bad days and weeks and years.

There's breakouts, and breakups

And one day Prince Charming wasn't so Charming

and forget losing the glass slipper,

it was plastic,

and my ballgown was always just rags,

the pumpkin never even turned into a carrige,

I just painted it a shiny white,

used a pretty filter,

and sent out a picture for the world to see, none the wiser

so the followers were jealous of me,

and i'd look at Rapunzel's feed and be jealous of her easy happy life,

when behind the filter,

she's been trapped in her bedroom for years,

but gosh her hair looks great in that selfie


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