Never Again

Never expected his hands to grab there,

Invading my body that parasite,

His arm on my throat I could catch no air,

He would never hurt me he wouldn’t bite.


He took advantage of his dominance,

He took advantage of little trusting weak me,

His criminal act held such prominence,

His ignorant ears never hearing my plea.


You never get to touch my mind or body,

Without my consent.

You never get to enter this temple that is my spirit’s home,

Without me guiding you through my walls and offering you a seat,

In the beating red world of my heart.


Cells replace themselves every seven years and one day,

I will have brand new glittering skin that you have never touched.

My muscles may tense when I step into class and have to walk by your towering frame.

But you no longer occupy my nightmares nor quicken my blood pressure.


You tried to knock me with your rugged stone,

But I still sit on my temple’s tall throne.

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