Dear Daisy

I think about kissing you

I wonder if you think about it too

We were waiting outside to go dancing I was high and

you were laughing at me shining eyes and smiling all teeth

We drove home the next night with me behind the driver’s seat of your car because

my mom gave you too much Benadryl. Why couldn’t you stop petting the dogs?

It’s the way you tell me to stop flirting with you every time I whisper in your ear but

why would I stop if you’re still biting your lip? I no longer pretend to feel offended when

people mistake us as lovers instead of friends. We laugh it off but I see your eyes linger

the way mine do after we say goodbye. Our stories are told in tandem I don’t know the last time you weren’t the first person I called. I stared at your shirtless body in the mirror when you had your back turned to me. Are you afraid to face me because my looks will remind you of your fathers? Of where he put his hands?

Men like him are herms.

Daisy your dad didn’t mean it when he said I love you with the lights off, but I do. Daisy you don’t have to say it back right now but your neighbors with the motorcycle keep making weird faces when I shout it to you from the stairs. And this isn’t some grand gesture but you won’t stop putting space between us

Why do you have my schedule tacked to your bedroom wall if you don’t care where I am?


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