Mon, 10/10/2016 - 13:23 -- ykouli

walking through hallways of deceased childhoods and wet pillowcases

where little boys and girls couldn’t find protection in their own homes

their lips cold

a history where molestation was perceived as a norm.


full of secrets and suicide nightmares

god didn't listen to any of their prayers

husbands cheating on their wives call that a child affair

not scared of monsters but more like the back stairs

exhibits full of mental diseases and premature lust

where men and women sexualized children because it gave them a rush

a history of black basements and dim bathrooms

all the way in the back room

portraits of mamas enjoying their morning

while their babies downstairs couldn’t find a way to warn them

shouldn't they have known

but of course I don't know

because this was a time where sex had lost its compassion

gained power and dominance

a time where children sunk into a foundation of weakness

got me thinking about all the boys considered rejects

girls dreaming of a time where they didn't have to sleep less

full of muffled cries and shut eyes

adults telling children that they should think of this as a prize

told to just stare at the sunrise

too broken to go outside

seemed like time was going counter clockwise

they matured without maturing

adults got away with their “victimless glaring”

“victimless caring”

children awake while their parents are sleeping

too late now to show love to the kids who are weeping

hearts that froze instead of melted

where a weapon resembled a pelvis

where children’s blood resembled velvet

where each touch got them more infected

walking through hallways of miniature hands that were never taught how to make a fist

but knew how to hide from their father’s kiss

a time when family didn't mean shit

don't make me reminisce

where mothers didn’t cry while giving birth

but for giving birth

shedding a tear for putting another baby on this earth

could they either be the victim or the curse

walking to the end of this hallway

open the doors I'm about to fly away

for these children

who never learned how to




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