The Beast Rearranged


Fond memories, led astray

No glimpse of hope, such disarray

Scornful judgment brings out a beast, so tame

Blinded by its fear, naught bravery remain

Tearing at the wounds that reject

Selecting the bisecting values, of self neglect

One does not sight dysfunction as a barrier

But the carrier

The carrier which ignites hope

So to cope with the non existing rope

That strangles out the near life

Take a bite, of the knife that might right the fight

Sinister smiles, burn an inner enemy

Willing to domesticate the eyes stabbed out by me

Battle the rattling sound of remorse

Over the course of life, of absent force

Rejoice! A clang so deranged, one hangs

From the song that sang to rearrange

Scatter the aspirations, temptations that send such sensation

Embrace the destination, from one’s own invasion

I fight the beast that seeks, to eat, what makes me weak

Weak, from defeat that leaks, hatreds heat

Facing the reflection

Feeling the rejection

For I weep to make my blood run deep

Sealing the healing wounds that repeat

I fail to relinquish to my insidious ways

For I shall prevail till my final days

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really really great! this is so intense. i love it! *2 thumbs up*

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