The Personal Abuse of a Heart Break

Let me tell a story

About my heart getting broken

He made me feel like crap, so he could get a token

I was outspoken, nothing I could do or say

Theres only one thing I could do to numb this pain


I sat in the bath tub

Blood stained tears going down the draim

Trying to think of all the ways

That I could go and kill my pain

The betrayals, the words, and the lies that you ever told

Was my only motivation to go ahead and leave my soul


Let me ask you some? From all the bruises that you gave me?

From my arms, to my thighs, hell you even hit my mind

Thank god for make up

Remember that’s what you told me

Saying you’d never freaking hit me,

The true untold story


See, now I got trust issues that my new things gotta deal with

I spend my time overthinking, reminiscing, pondering

Boy, why was I stuck on you, you were never good for me.

You would hit me for fun, but tell all your friends we were wrestling


Now I should probably stop with all these truthful bars

Before you go and figure out who you really are

But do me one last favor

Tell your new girl hi for me

I wish her luck, to never get stuck

In the grave you dug for me.

















You been playing with me and I let you

I should have never even messed with you

It’s crazy when you said you loved me, I believe that

I tried to keep this on the low but I just couldn’t hold back

It’s so sad and I ain’t the type to ever slack

And I had to step back cuz I finally realized you was wack

I really hate it when I think about you

Cuz I know my life is better when I’m not around you

Know how you play your game yeah I know how you do

And it’s insane that I’m use to this but it nothing new

Getting hurt by the person I gave my heart to

But it’s my fault because I let you play me like a fool

Talking to girls every night and every day

It’s something I can’t take so I don’t think I could stay

And every time I look around, they all up in your face

Social media don’t make this any easier these days

I really hate it when you tell me you gon change

Cuz everytime I looked up, you still doing the same

You messed me up now my new thing got to deal with it

Them trust issues overthinking is uncomfortable

And looking back, I can’t believe that I was stuck on you

How would you feel if I went around and clowned on you

Ten toes down, one foot in the grave

Messing with you was one of the biggest mistakes I made

And now I’m on top, I’m watching you from up above

The best thing I ever did was fall out of love

Now I’m mad cuz I see you everywhere and I don’t want to mess with it

No, I’m not stunting cuz I was in love wit it

I know but baby I’m done with it

Yeah I thought I loved you but my brain was lying

I messed with you but you always had a side chick

And I never let my guard down cuz it’s blinding


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