Once My Mother, Now My Master (If the Dragon from Sleeping Beauty Wasn't Maleficent)

Water rushes without the light

All alone, a lonely plight

A whoosh of air, I’m not alone

A bright, bright light

Your face then shone.


As seasons passed, my small form grew

Your fullest face with madness shrewd

Once my mother, now my master

Now my shadow, my scales castor


Love is there, my love not lost

My body screams, my mind is frost

Is it wrong, to want to leave

This mindless game

This path to greed?


My chains are taut, ones one can’t see

“Make flames engulf and you’ll be free.”

A heavy heart, a heavy mind.

A twisted needle, a fairy blind.


Many come and many stay

An endless fuel, an endless play

And when it hits, my large cold heart

My freedom’s there, then torn apart.


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