Catcalling: The Translation


my entire existence is contingent upon

whether or not you acknowledge me


please pay attention to me

how you doin?

I want to have disgusting, meaningless

sex with you.

hey cheer up, baby

you aren't being appreciative of me

when I tell you something you don't

want to hear


i'm just trying to compliment you

stop getting mad at me for being a rude,

sexist asshole who thinks women are nothing

but sex dolls with a pulse and therefore are

as willing and wanting

learn to take a compliment

I am upset with you because you are not

thankful that I think you are attractive enough

to have sex with me

ungrateful prude.

because you don't want to have sex with me

(which is weird because all women want in 

life is to have sex and a man that compliment

her like have been doing), I can only infer that

you must be someone who is too prissy to 

want to have sex at all

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Thank you for posting this piece. Thank you for calling out this senseless practice. It bothered me years ago, and still does today. It shows the mentally low places some live, and the forcing of their will upon others.

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